Need a finance content marketing writer?

As a specialist finance content marketing writer and journalist, I help my clients create content that helps them achieve their business goals. Working with B2B and B2C businesses, as well as trade and consumer magazines, my writing is designed to engage and inform, boosting loyalty, trust, and brand awareness.

Whether your business is financial services, FinTech, pet retail, veterinary software, or anything in-between, it’s my goal to make your life easier by speaking to your ideal customer and solving their problems.

My aim is to do much more than simply write nice things about your business, because, let’s face it, there’s more to marketing than stringing a few sentences together. My background in the finance industry combined with my experience writing for a wide variety of industry clients means I can hit the ground running with writing projects. You need a finance content marketing writer who understands the language of the industry, as well as the importance of compliance and confidentiality – and that writer is me.

I can write many different types of content for you, including…

  • Blog posts            
  • White papers
  • Editorial articles
  • Advertorial articles
  • Case studies
  • Ghostwritten thought leadership pieces
  • Content strategy
  • Website copy
  • Sales and marketing materials

And what’s more, I’ll make sure every word in every sentence lets your message shine through, communicating exactly what you want your audience to know.

I specialise in writing about finance, accounting, FinTech, open banking, investments, personal finance, budgeting, retirement funds, pet health, animal welfare, pet retail, pet business software, veterinary software, veterinary practice, veterinary nursing, pet technology, vegan parenting, vegan food, vegan travel, and pet products.

Contact me to find out how working with me, a professional finance content marketing writer, can help make your business shine.



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