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How Curious is Your Cat? WHISKAS® Celebrates Our Cats’ Natural Curiosity (Plus a Fab Competition!)

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If you’re owned by a fabulous feline, you’ll already know that cats are curious by nature, so WHISKAS® ‘ brand new Read More

Do You Want to Learn How to Speak ‘Cat’? Cat Behaviour Courses from iCatCare

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Perhaps you’re fascinated by how and why your cat does the things she does. Or maybe you work with cats, either Read More

Starting a Pet Business – Daydream or Achievable Reality?

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Pets are a global passion, and for successful businesses in the pet industry, they can also be a global goldmine. Read More

Marketing your pet business

Marketing Your Pet Business

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For business owners in all industries, constant marketing is essential if you want to avoid the dreaded ‘feast or famine’ Read More

The Dangers of Bargain Basement Copywriting

Let me tell you a story . . . . A while ago I was in talks with a potential Read More

Life Lessons from Great Writers

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With the wealth of ‘valuable’ information out there that tells us how to live our lives, where do you turn to Read More

benefits of sending e-newsletters

The Benefits of Sending e-Newsletters

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If you’re looking for ways to keep your current customers satisfied and engaged, at the same time as promoting your Read More

life's too short to miss out on opportunities

Life’s Too Short To . . .

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. . . count calories. Want a bikini body? It’s simple, put a bikini on your body. If, like me, Read More

Tips for beating procrastination

When Distraction Attacks: 5 Tips for Beating Procrastination

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I’ll be honest with you. I’ve had this blog post about tips for beating procrastination planned for three weeks now. Read More

Cash is King: 10 Credit Control Tips for Small Businesses

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Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, but for small businesses it’s even more important. Why? Because it can Read More

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