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Financial Services

Please note that almost all of my finance industry content marketing is confidential and not suitable for being shared publicly, however, many of my clients are happy for me to share my work for them privately. Please get in touch to see examples of my work relating to FinTech, wealth management, accounting software, finance industry careers, and more.

All Things Equal: The Gender Gap in FinTech – Banking Technology magazine

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Chinese Market – FinTech Futures (online)

Where Does Covid-19 Leave the Chinese FinTech Market? – Banking Technology magazine (print)

Finance Content Marketing

The Art of Emotional Engagement in Finance Content Marketing – The Dubs

Why Finance Brands Should Think Seriously About Influencer Marketing – The Dubs

Personal Finance

Who needs a $2 million life insurance policy? – Haven Life

Is group life insurance through work enough? – Haven Life

Taking Advantage of Friend in Faraway Places – The Billfold

Pet Industry & Veterinary

Incredible Insects – Pet Product Marketing

UK pet food industry: Consider AEO status ahead of Brexit – Petfood Industry

Going Wild for Garden Birds – Pet Products Marketing

A More Sustainable Pet Industry – Pet Product Marketing

UK CBD-based pet food market hindered by VMD decision – Petfood Industry

Traditional vs. Boutique – Pet Product Marketing

The increasing popularity of vegan pet food in the UK – Petfood Industry

The Rise and Rise of Niche Nutrition – Pets International

The London Cat Clinic: For nine lives and counting – Intelligent Cat Care

Celebrating 60 Purrfect Years – Pet Product Marketing

Marketing Genius Behind the Puppy Bowl – Working With Dog (ghostwritten)

Stock the Latest in Special Diets – Pet Product Marketing

Market Key Events to Maximise Margins – Pet Product Marketing

April Fool’s for Petpreneurs – Working With Dog (ghostwritten)

Give Pets Their Own Technology – Pet Product Marketing

Man’s New Best Friend – Pet Product Marketing

Caring for Older Pets – Pet Product Marketing

Better Prices for Top Foods – Pet Product Marketing

Not Just a Cat Tree… – Pet Business World

Website copy – Brooklyn Cattitude

Website copy – Pets Choice

Pet Health & Welfare

The Hidden Side of Buying Cats Online – Cat World

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets – Pet Connection magazine

Welfare Spotlight on Guinea Pigs  – Pet Product Marketing

A New View of Rabbits – Pet Product Marketing

Is your Feline a Fussy Eater? – Cat World

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus: The Facts – Cat World

TabiiCats Rescue, Telford – Cat World

Beware of the Seven Deadly Sins – Cat World

Feline Mammary Cancer – Cat World

Caring for a Cat with Diabetes – Cat World

Understanding Feline Asthma & its Causes – Cat World

International Animal Rescue Goa – Cat World

Keeping Cats Safe with International Cat Care – Cat World

Rehoming a Rescue Cat – Cat World

Seizures – More Than Just Old Age? – Cat World

Helping Street Cats in Morocco – Cat World

Multiple Stress Levels – Cat World

Cats are Good for your Health – Cat World

Safety in the Home – Cat World

Cats and Hairballs – Cat World

Your Cat’s Physique: Top to Tail – Cat World

Blog posts – Katzenworld

America’s Mental Health Crisis (And How Animals Can Help) – CertaPet (ghostwritten)

Why do Dogs do…? – CertaPet (ghostwritten)


Vegan Children’s Books – Raise Vegan magazine

Surviving the Terrible Twos – Raise Vegan magazine

Keeping Pregnancy a Secret: Why we Wait Until 12 Weeks – Raise Vegan

Cooking with Kids – Raise Vegan

Health & Wellness

Acupuncture for Migraine: A Look at the Evidence – Migraine Again

Curious About Migraine Surgery? Important Things to Consider – Migraine Again

Want to Try Aimovig? 4 Keys for Accessing New Migraine Treatments – Migraine Again

Tummy Troubles? How to Diagnose and Treat Abdominal Migraine – Migraine Again

Can Dogs Help You Cope with Migraine? – Migraine Again

About Page content – MerAmor luxury skincare


5 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Raise Vegan magazine

Personal & Business Coaching

Website copy – The Legacy Business School

Website copy – Keshav Bhatt

Small Business

Nine Tips to Make Sure You Get Paid for Your Work – Talented Ladies Club

Web Design & Development

About page – Brilliant Digital

Website copy – Head2Web

Website Copy

Brooklyn Cattitude

Pets Choice

The Legacy Business School

Keshav Bhatt

Brilliant Digital


MerAmor luxury skincare

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