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Pet Industry & Veterinary

Incredible Insects – Pet Product Marketing

UK pet food industry: Consider AEO status ahead of Brexit – Petfood Industry

Going Wild for Garden Birds – Pet Products Marketing

A More Sustainable Pet Industry – Pet Product Marketing

UK CBD-based pet food market hindered by VMD decision – Petfood Industry

Traditional vs. Boutique – Pet Product Marketing

The increasing popularity of vegan pet food in the UK – Petfood Industry

The Rise and Rise of Niche Nutrition – Pets International

The London Cat Clinic: For nine lives and counting – Intelligent Cat Care

Celebrating 60 Purrfect Years – Pet Product Marketing

Marketing Genius Behind the Puppy Bowl – Working With Dog (ghostwritten)

Stock the Latest in Special Diets – Pet Product Marketing

Market Key Events to Maximise Margins – Pet Product Marketing

April Fool’s for Petpreneurs – Working With Dog (ghostwritten)

Give Pets Their Own Technology – Pet Product Marketing

Man’s New Best Friend – Pet Product Marketing

Caring for Older Pets – Pet Product Marketing

Better Prices for Top Foods – Pet Product Marketing

Not Just a Cat Tree… – Pet Business World

Website copy – Brooklyn Cattitude

Website copy – Pets Choice

Pet Health & Welfare

The Hidden Side of Buying Cats Online – Cat World

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets – Pet Connection magazine

Welfare Spotlight on Guinea Pigs  – Pet Product Marketing

A New View of Rabbits – Pet Product Marketing

Is your Feline a Fussy Eater? – Cat World

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus: The Facts – Cat World

TabiiCats Rescue, Telford – Cat World

Beware of the Seven Deadly Sins – Cat World

Feline Mammary Cancer – Cat World

Caring for a Cat with Diabetes – Cat World

Understanding Feline Asthma & its Causes – Cat World

International Animal Rescue Goa – Cat World

Keeping Cats Safe with International Cat Care – Cat World

Rehoming a Rescue Cat – Cat World

Seizures – More Than Just Old Age? – Cat World

Helping Street Cats in Morocco – Cat World

Multiple Stress Levels – Cat World

Cats are Good for your Health – Cat World

Safety in the Home – Cat World

Cats and Hairballs – Cat World

Your Cat’s Physique: Top to Tail – Cat World

Blog posts – Katzenworld

America’s Mental Health Crisis (And How Animals Can Help) – CertaPet (ghostwritten)

Why do Dogs do…? – CertaPet (ghostwritten)


Vegan Children’s Books – Raise Vegan magazine

Surviving the Terrible Twos – Raise Vegan magazine

Keeping Pregnancy a Secret: Why we Wait Until 12 Weeks – Raise Vegan

Cooking with Kids – Raise Vegan

Health & Wellness

Acupuncture for Migraine: A Look at the Evidence – Migraine Again

Curious About Migraine Surgery? Important Things to Consider – Migraine Again

Want to Try Aimovig? 4 Keys for Accessing New Migraine Treatments – Migraine Again

Tummy Troubles? How to Diagnose and Treat Abdominal Migraine – Migraine Again

Can Dogs Help You Cope with Migraine? – Migraine Again

About Page content – MerAmor luxury skincare


5 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Raise Vegan magazine

Personal & Business Coaching

Website copy – The Legacy Business School

Website copy – Keshav Bhatt

Personal Finance

Taking Advantage of Friend in Faraway Places – The Billfold

Small Business

Nine Tips to Make Sure You Get Paid for Your Work – Talented Ladies Club

Web Design & Development

About page – Brilliant Digital

Website copy – Head2Web

Website Copy

Brooklyn Cattitude

Pets Choice

The Legacy Business School

Keshav Bhatt

Brilliant Digital


MerAmor luxury skincare

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