Why Hire a Freelance Writer? Here are 5 Compelling Reasons to . . .

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You may be asking yourself, why hire a freelance writer? After all, how much writing is involved in making sure your business thrives? You’ve only got some content for your website, marketing copy, posts on your Facebook page, press releases, regular blog posts, brochures, business letters, newsletters, case studies . . . oh, hang on, that’s quite a lot already.

Why Hire a Freelance Writer When You Can do it Yourself?

Of course you can write, so it’s easy enough to do it yourself, right? Well, maybe, but think about all of the other things you have on your plate as a business owner or entrepreneur. How much time do you really have to write content that markets your business in the right way, builds your brand and captures the imagination of potential customers? Enough time to do your fantastic products and services justice? Enough time to research what your customers’ biggest problems are, and tailor your copy to offer them the perfect solutions? Probably not.

5 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Writer

  1. Finances

Hiring a freelance writer for your content needs is much more cost effective than doing it yourself, using an in-house writer or going through an agency. You only pay a freelance writer for the specific project you hire them for; no salary, pension, downtime around the water-cooler or agency fees.

  1. Quality

Passion about a subject doesn’t necessarily mean you can write about it, so no matter how knowledgeable and passionate about your business you are, if what you write is badly worded, misspelled or uninspiring, you’re simply not going to connect with potential customers in the right way. On the other hand, it’s a freelance writer’s job to take the benefits of your products and services and turn them into something awe-inspiring.

  1. Expertise

Are you worried that you might not be able to find a writer who’s an expert in your particular niche? Don’t  be; part of a freelance writer’s talent is being able to do in-depth research, and they’ll know just the right questions to ask you to get a thorough understanding of your business and your goals.  Having knowledge of the subject matter is a bonus, but in no way essential. I’ve written about cat behaviour, travel and leadership techniques, all of which I know a great deal about, but I’ve also written about everything from event planning to nanny services, with a little bit of leather tub chairs thrown in for good measure. I know I can’t be an expert on everything, but as a freelance writer my main area of expertise is crafting words that compel and inspire, and I understand the hot spots and pressure points on a wide variety of industries and writing styles.

  1. Time

As well as saving you valuable time to concentrate on the things that make you the expert in your field, hiring a freelance writer will be quicker than if you do it yourself. A professional freelance writer will have perfected the art of writing to deadlines while keeping the highest quality, so you can look forward to fast turnaround times and fast results.

  1. Professionalism

When you hire a freelance writer, every word they write is their reputation on the line, so you can be assured of a professional service and first-rate copy. Your blog posts, website content or marketing materials will be proofread and edited until they’re perfect.

So the answer to the question ‘why hire a freelance writer’ is quite simple; to make your life easier!

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